MRI & CT Scan in India

Welcome to CT MRI dot in. We are a service provider which provides great discounts on various MRI and CT Scan tests. Whatever tests you are looking for and whichever area of Delhi NCR (including Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Noida).

We have tied up with various centers in these cities to get you (1) best services, (2) latest MRI and CT Scan machines and (3) discounted prices. All the prices given on this website are “appointment only” prices and walk-in customers cannot avail the prices.

To book an appointment and get a discount, please call: 7264033364

Here are the average discount percentages in various cities:

  1. MRI in Delhi – More than 50%  Off
  2. MRI in Gurgaon – Flat 20% Off
  3. MRI in Ghaziabad – Flat 40% Off (45% Off on some MRIs)
  4. MRI in Noida – Flat 40% Off

If you are looking for a CT Scan or MRI scan for a specific test which is not mentioned in your city, do give us a call (on 7264033364) and we will get it done for you at the same discount we mentioned above. Don’t hesitate. We are here to serve you.

May God give you the best of health.

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